Investors Agreement

Investors agreement

Before registering with, the company strongly recommends that you read the document below. It describes all the basic rules binding on both parties, rights and obligations, as well as the conditions for the investor's interaction with the investment project of Register in the project only if you unconditionally accept all the provisions described below.

investor - a person who fully agreed with the terms of the current agreement, timely registered on the website.

Project - a web resource located at ,

1. All individuals who do not fall into the following categories have the right to create an account within the framework of the project:

1.1 Minors (in accordance with the legislation of the country of residence);

1.2 Persons declared incompetent on the basis of a medical certificate;

2. The responsibility for making the decision to join the project, for all his actions within the project (compliance / non-compliance with the rules, financial transactions, etc.) and their consequences lies entirely with the investor.

3. Rights and obligations of the investor of the project:

3.1 Each investor of the project, equally with other similar investors, has the right to use all the services provided to him by the project: use a personal account on the project website, invest funds and receive income according to the terms of the investment plan, use bonuses of the project's referral program, contact project support service.

3.2 The investor has the right to create and manage accounts within the project. If the project administration establishes the fact that the investor will manage several accounts linked by the referral program, then all his accounts will be immediately blocked, and the available funds will go to the company as payment of moral damages for fraud against it.

3.3 The investor undertakes to ensure complete confidentiality of any information received from the administration of the company.

3.4 The investor undertakes not to disclose his registration data to third parties. In the event that the investor has provided his access password to third parties, which subsequently led to the hacking of the account and loss of funds, the responsibility lies only with him.

3.5 The investor undertakes to provide reliable protection for his computer, tablet, smartphone and any other device from which he accesses his account. If funds are stolen from a customer due to lack of adequate protection, is not responsible for this.

3.6 The investor independently decides on the choice of an investment plan, the amount invested in the project and realizes that any investment is associated with certain risks, and therefore, for any result, he will not present claims to

3.7 The investor is advised to periodically access his account during the period of the investment plan to monitor the security of his account. In the event that you find traces of unauthorized access to your account, financial transactions carried out without your knowledge, etc. immediately contact the support service of the company or directly to the administration.

3.8 The investor is obliged to comply with the established rules, regulations and recommendations for depositing and withdrawing funds, which are described in his personal account. If these conditions are not met, the investor has no right to make claims and demand material compensation from, if, due to these conditions, the result of the investor's participation in the project does not correspond to the expected result.

3.9 The investor is obliged to comply with the established rules in full. In case of violation of any of the provisions of this document, has the right to terminate cooperation with this investor unilaterally.

4 The rights and obligations of the project administration:

4.1 guarantees its investors the provision of all declared services, in full and in accordance with the specified conditions.

4.2 undertakes to ensure the operability of its investment project, provide consulting support to the project's investors, and promptly eliminate any technical problems that caused difficulties for the investor to work with the project's website.

4.3 guarantees its investors the maximum level of protection of their personal data and investment funds.

4.4 undertakes to ensure complete confidentiality of the investor's personal information received during registration, as well as for the entire period of the investor's participation in the project.

4.5 In case of revealing the facts of fraud on the part of the investor (attempts to hack the accounts of other investors, introducing himself as an employee to attract new investors through the referral program, etc.) or violation of any of the paragraphs of this document, the administration has every right to unilaterally terminate the provision of investment services to this investor, block his account (s) without the possibility of returning the funds available on it. In case of any minor violations on the part of the investor or the occurrence of disputes, the administration has the right to temporarily block the investor's account. In the future, a company representative will contact him to resolve the situation.

4.6 The project administration has the right, at its discretion, to change the content of this document without the prior consent of the project investors. investors will be informed about the planned changes privately or on the project website. The investor has the right not to accept innovations, but then he must report this to the project support service or directly to the administration. Cooperation with such a investor will be terminated by mutual agreement.

4.7 has all rights to the content and any information and materials posted on the project website. Any illegal use of personal information and intellectual property of the company is prosecuted by copyright law.

4.8 The dissemination of information threatening the company's reputation losses (libel, inaccurate information about the company and its investors, and similar negative) may result in blocking without further opportunity to earn money on the project.

5 All the conditions for making a profit (the period of the plan, the amount of the deposit, the percentage of profit, additional opportunities) are specified by the investor in the content of the investment plan, which the investor chooses on his own.

6 In the event of force majeure circumstances (any circumstances beyond the competence of the company), the project administration is released from liability to its customers for failure to fulfill all declared functions and services. The investor has no right to make claims and demand financial compensation from if, due to these circumstances, the result of the investor's participation in the project does not correspond to the expected.

7 Conflict / disputable situations (not related to clause 4.5. Of this document) of any kind between the investor and the administration of the project should be resolved only through negotiations with the conclusion of a mutually beneficial agreement later.